Investor Relations

Corporate Profile

Key Technology, founded in 1948, is the trusted partner to over 3,100 customers in 81 countries, providing process automation systems for the food processing and other non-food processing industries.

The Company develops and manufactures automated digital sorting systems and integrates them with our advanced material handling technologies to provide complete solutions for processors of food and other processed products. Our digital sorting solutions utilize a wide array of sensor technologies, including multi-spectral lasers, color and infrared cameras, and hyperspectral technology.  Sensor data is analyzed through specialized processing applications, leveraging our proprietary software and algorithms. This data is used to intelligently identify and remove defects and foreign materials, and manage product characteristics to maximize customer product quality and increase their process yields.

A publicly-held company, Key’s stock trades on The NASDAQ Global Market under the symbol KTEC. Key is also an ISO-9001 certified company.

Market Position

Key Technology’s ability to offer integrated smart system solutions, including both digital sorting and advanced material handling technologies, is unique and a strong differentiator for the company’s market position.

Factors defining the Company’s served markets include demand for continuously improved yield and process optimization, a rapidly changing world market that seeks ever-increasing levels of automation and interconnectivity, and evolving and higher consumer expectations concerning food safety and quality.

Market Segments

Market Strategy: Key's strategy is to focus our resources on three core markets that will provide the highest potential for our product solutions: potatoes, processed vegetables and fruit, and nuts and dried fruit.

Adjacent Market Opportunities: Key will pursue opportunities for near- and long-term growth by selectively penetrating high-potential adjacent markets. These may include snacks, fresh and frozen berries, seed corn, tobacco, coffee, wine grapes, cereals, pet food, and other products.

Products and Services

Optical Inspection Systems: Key's automated digital sorting systems replace manual inspection and less advanced optical sorters, bringing laser and color vision, intelligent selection, split-second defect removal, and reliable good-product recovery to food and other non-food processing plants.

Vibratory Conveying Systems: Key's industry-proven vibratory conveying technologies provide unequalled performance for consistency, durability and handling of difficult product applications in more than 25,000 installations worldwide.

Process and Preparation Systems: Key's process and preparation systems, including air cleaners, air coolers, graders, sizers, washers, and dryers, help processors meet precise quality and appearance specifications for maximum shelf appeal of food products.

Aftermarket: Key's commitment to customer satisfaction drives our aftermarket and support programs, including upgrades, replacement parts, contract service and protection plans, RemoteMD web-based monitoring, diagnostics and access, application testing, and training.

Integrated Solutions Group: Key's Integrated Solutions Group (ISG) offers custom engineering of integrated processing lines, custom equipment design and procurement, alliances with third-party suppliers, complete turn-key solutions, project management, and equipment installation and commissioning.

Core Strengths

  • Directed strategic investment in research and development to continuously deliver innovative and value-add solutions to the market
  • Dedication to strong customer relationships
  • Systematic exploration of new technologies and partnerships that support our business strategies