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PROliance Service Advisor

August 2017

The Food Safety Modernization Act enables the FDA to “focus more on preventing food safety problems rather than relying primarily on reacting to problems after they occur.” While some processed foods may be exempt from some of the FSMA regulations, it is good business to adhere to the preventive controls and good manufacturing practices. In this issue of the Service Advisor, we cover sanitary design and small upgrades that can make a big difference in the hygiene of your existing shakers.

Sanitation begins with Sanitary Design and Manufacturing

As a supplier, we also adhere to sanitary design and manufacturing practices that help you clean and sanitize our equipment. Key’s design and manufacturing finish standards follow the sanitary design principles developed by the American Meat Institute:

  • Cleanable to a microbiological level – Rotary-sanded product carrying surfaces for a roughness average of ~10 micro inches helping prevent microbiological growth.
  • Made of compatible materials – All 304 stainless steel construction.
  • Accessible for inspection, maintenance, cleaning and sanitation – Open frame designs and construction for easy cleaning and inspection.
  • No product or liquid collection – Sloped surfaces on frames and mounting equipment allows water to drain away.
  • Hermetically sealed hollow areas – fully welded supports, frames and cross tube structural supports.
  • No niches – Welded stand-offs for machine labels allowing water to drain and no metal to metal lap joints for a sanitary finish.
  • Sanitary operational performance – Drip, drain and draw zones around product carrying surfaces ground and polished.
  • Hygienic design of maintenance enclosures – IP65 rated enclosures. Drives, control boxes, and sealed bearings not located over product zones.

Conveyor Finishes

As design principles continue to improve, so do our design and manufacturing standards. Some design improvements can be applied to existing vibratory conveyors in your plant.

Stainless Steel Grounding Arm: Replaces braided wire grounding cables that create a niche and can harbor bacteria. The new grounding arm has an open design for easy cleaning with no flat surfaces allowing water to drain. It can be installed on Iso-Flo ®, Impulse ® and Marathon ™ shakers.

Part Numbers:

  • 8" - 1098969
  • 10” - 1098970
  • 11” - 1098971
  • 12” - 1098972

New Vector-Lock™ Clamp: New hook geometry provides over-center latching with a positive engaging hook ensuring screens stay in place. The new design also prevents “auto-unlatching” of the clamp. Because it utilizes the same weldment and spring, you can easily retrofit existing shakers with the new Vector-Lock.

Part Numbers:

  • Long Handle - 1169550
  • Short Handle - 1190429

Contact our Service team today for more information on these sanitary upgrades.