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Air Knife

By removing excess moisture from product, Key’s Air Knife improves plant efficiency, reduces operating costs, and enhances product quality. The Air Knife features an over-line double air plenum with remote high velocity blower that provides both primary and secondary air curtains to strip moisture from product. The product momentarily stops as it flows to the primary air curtain, where it rolls, then proceeds forward for the final pass through the air curtain.


Improve Plant Efficiency, Reduce Operating Costs, and Enhance product Quality With an Air Knife Manufactured by Key Technology Using Ambient Air, the Air Knife Can Continue the Evaporative Cooling Process Before Final Freeze The Air Knife Features Side Access Doors at Each End of the Plenum to Permit QuicK Sanitation

Features and Benefits

Lower Costs

  • Simpler handling and storage
  • Less loss from spoilage
  • Reduced freezer load and associated operating costs

Enhanced Product Quality

  • Fresh product: eliminating moisture reduces spoilage and associated costs
  • IQF frozen product: eliminating moisture reduces clumping, improves consistency and quality

Additional Cooling

  • Using ambient air, the Air Knife can continue the evaporative cooling process before final freeze

Easy Installation

  • Air plenum unit mounts over existing line equipment and comes in various widths and styles
  • Remote blower is connected by flexible ducting for easy placement

Sanitary and Rugged

  • Side access doors at each end of the plenum permit quick sanitation
  • Stainless steel construction ensures long life, easy cleaning

Better Sorter Performance

  • When excess water is stripped from product before sorting, optical sorters remove defects more efficiently, and reject less good product
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