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Cluster Breaker

Cluster Breakers are designed to break up clusters of frozen food products in preparation for further processing. Cluster Breakers are typically welded to the bottom of a slope-sided infeed hopper, and positioned over a second discharge hopper. As the product passes through the Cluster Breaker, two counter rotating rotors break up the frozen clumps of product allowing the now uniform sized product to discharge into the second hopper.



For Forzen Fruit, Meat and Vegetables, Count on the Cluster Breaker to Break Up Clusters in Preparation of Further Processing The Cluster Breaker Features a Rotor Spacind Adjustment Mechanism for Quick Changeover Between Product Runs Cluster Breaker - All Stainless Steel Construction!

Features and Benefits

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel rotors (bar or pin style)
  • Rotor spacing adjustment mechanism for quick changeover between product runs
  • An integral part of Key's Veg-Mix™ System
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