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Pan Infeed Styles

Key’s versatile Iso-Flo® Vibratory Conveyor and Impulse® Electromagnetic Conveyor can be equipped with a flared or spreader infeed. Flared infeeds prevent spillage during in-line product transfer from equal-width or wider equipment. Spreader infeeds work well on right angle take-away shakers being fed by wide equipment such as belt conveyors or potato chip fryers. Dry, non-sticky products are uniformly spread across the full width of the shaker bed, improving downstream product distribution, grading, and similar work.


Flared Infeed Flared Infeed Spreaded Infeed

Spreader Infeed Styles

  • Quickly and uniformly spreads dry, non-sticky products across full width of shaker pan
  • Uniform product spread improves downstream work such as distribution or grading
  • Ideal for right angle take-away shakers fed by wide blanchers, fryers, or ovens
  • Applicable to a variety of dry, non-sticky products
  • Available on most Iso-Flo® vibratory conveyors and Impulse® electromagnetic conveyors 
  • Easy-clean design

Flared Infeed

  • Eliminates product spillage and waste at in-line transfer points
  • Standard designs to suit many products and applications
  • Custom designs to meet special needs
  • Available with high sidewalls
  • Easy-clean design

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