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Screen Options

Punch Plate Screen Option

Key vibratory conveyor screens come in a wide variety of styles to align, singulate, dewater, length grade, width grade, scalp, move product up an incline—even several functions in a single operation.

Cross Flow Rod Screen Option Parallel Flow Rod Screen Option Wire Mesh Screen Option


  • Smooth, uncluttered design for easy sanitation
  • Designed to reduce screen shatter and wear
  • High strength-to-weight ratio for efficiency
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Exclusive Vector-Lock™ quick-change screen clamps or bolt-in systems

Product Handling Functions

  • Dewatering screens—separate product from water after transport in pumping or flume systems (gross dewatering) or remove light process water (final dewatering)
  • Product sizing screens—perform length grading, width grading, and scalping
  • Fines removal screens—separate fines from good product
  • Alignment screens: align and singulate product for downstream processes
  • Converging and diverging screens—feed narrower or wider equipment

Screen Styles

  • Wire Mesh Screens—can be customized, both finer and coarser than the standard design.
  • Punch Plate Screens—available with either round, oval, square or rectangular openings, in standard or custom sizes.
  • Round or Triangular Rod Screens—available in custom and standard sizes.

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Common Vibratory Elements

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