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Flite Roller Table

The Flite Roller Table features a bed of sizing rollers configured to separate small loose product, dirt, debris, and vines; perform coarse-diameter grading; and spreads product as it conveys. Efficiency is exceptional: often field proven at 95 percent with minimal loss of good product.

The Flite Roller Table is used extensively to separate small or broken tomatoes, grade baby whole carrots, and enhance plant receiving with first-pass cleaning and grading.

The Flite Roller Table provides food processors with another option to use in place of, or in conjunction with, Key vibratory conveying equipment, enhancing choices for the most efficient plant layout and processing methods.

Flite Roller Table Flite Roller

Features and Benefits

Increased Productivity

  • Eliminate defective product early in the process
  • Divert like-size product to specific finishing machines
  • Remove debris and vines that interfere with machinery operation
  • 95% efficiency

Easy Operation

  • On-the-fly adjustment for rapid fine-tuning
  • Simple design for easy installation and maintenance

Gentle Product Handling

  • Rubber rollers absorb shock, virtually eliminating product damage
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