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Optyx® WPS

Optyx® WPS for whole potatoes achieves a three-way sort using a combination of air ejectors to remove foreign material (FM) and a unique deflector system to separate potatoes for rework from good potatoes. Maximizing the removal of foreign material and providing extremely gentle handling to avoid potato bruising, Optyx WPS improves product quality and protects downstream equipment while reducing labor costs and increasing yields.

Combining Key’s proprietary high-performance color cameras with Raptor laser technology, Optyx WPS can sort peeled and peel-on product, differentiating peel, scab, bruise, rot, and green defects. Using cameras, Optyx WPS recognizes color, size, and shape to remove potatoes needing re-work based on the presence of peel, scab, or gross defects, as well as potatoes that fail to meet user-defined standards for length, width, or shape. Using a combination of Raptor laser technology with high resolution line scan cameras, Optyx WPS reliably detects and removes foreign material based on the structural properties of the material, as well as visible color.

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Optyx® WPS 3-way Laser Sorter Potato Processing Equipment Optyx® WPS 3-way Laser Sorter for Whole Potatoes Optyx WPS 3-way Laser Sorter Can Differentiate Peel, Scab And Green

Features and Benefits

Remove More FM

  • Inspection using both lasers and cameras identifies more foreign material than any other method. Clear glass, golf balls, and plastic film are easily identified and ejected.
  • Pneumatic ejection is proven to be more effective than paddles for foreign material removal. Paddles that have been optimized for potatoes don’t always remove light foreign material.

Identify Rework Product

  • Optyx WPS can differentiate peel, scab and green from good product making complex rework decisions simple.

Sort by Size and Shape

  • G6 software monitors length, width and symmetry allowing you to choose the best product for any given application.

Gentle Product Handling

  • The curved deflectors* gently redirect product for rework. The deflector impact is equivalent to dropping a potato from 1.4 inches (35 mm) onto a rigid surface. No bruising, no discoloration.

High Volume

  • Optyx WPS handles up to 100, 000 pounds (45 metric tons) of whole potatoes per hour.

Reliable Operation, Low Maintenance Cost

  • Rugged Deflectors have long service life—no more biannual replacement.
  • Replacement of individual deflectors takes just minutes, maximizing uptime.


Sorter Reference Information

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