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Deoiling Vibratory Conveyor

Key's Deoiling Vibratory Conveyor provides maximum deoiling and defatting of fried food products. Used primarily in the potato industry, the Deoiling Vibratory Conveyor helps the processor recover valuable excess surface oil, which can be recycled into the fryer’s oil filtration and heating system. Key deoilers/defatters often have payback period of less than 2 years.

Today, more than 25,000 Iso-Flo units are in use worldwide. Smart Shaker® advancements including real-time SmartArm® monitors, StrongArm™ spring arms, Forté™ controls and Predictive Maintenance programs provide up-to-the-minute opportunity for even more efficiency and long life.  This global record of superior reliability is backed by Key’s industry-leading 5-year warranty on all Iso-Flo conveyors, maximizing long-term return on your investment.

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The Deoiling Vibratory Conveyor has Full Catch pans to Collect Oil Key Technology Introduces Five-Year Warranty on Iso-Flo® and Impulse™ Vibratory Conveyors Destined for Customers in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East The Deoiling Vibratory Conveyor Features Large Screen Areas to Maximize Surface Area for Oil Recovery


Features and Benefits

  • Many size and capacity options available
  • Large screen area for maximum oil recovery
  • Quick-change stainless steel mesh screens; easily removable for cleaning
  • Mesh screen clamping mechanism improves screen holding
  • Full catch pans to collect oil
  • Optional heated pans available
  • Iso-Drive® or direct-drive option for mechanically driven pans
  • Impluse® for electromagnetic driven pans


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