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Vari-Feeder Metering System

The Key Vari-Feeder gives you reliable accuracy, limitless flow rates, and excellent product recovery when proportioning for product mixes or metering to control product flow.  Precise metering is easily achieved when you select from a complete offering of metering drums with unique pocket configurations. When special metering needs arise, Key can produce a customized design.

Team the Vari-Feeder up with Key’s Veg-Mix™ System for a solid mixing solution.


The Vari Feeder Metering Systems Features an Optional Inverter for Infinite Product-Flow Control The Vari Feeder Metering System Trims Costs That Result From Damaged Product Waste Team the Vari-Feeder Up With Key's Veg-Mix System for a Solid Mixing Solution

Features and Benefits

Precise Metering

  • Quick-release metering drum permits changing drums in minutes
  • Inverter option for infinite product-flow control
  • For supervised or lock-box operation, speed controls can be remotely located

Excellent Recovery

  • Reducing aperture approach capitalizes on product elasticity and product flow properties
  • Infeed design improves recovery—eliminates most product damage from infeed shearing
  • Trims costs that result from damaged product waste

Easy Sanitation

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel; durable and easy to clean
  • Rounded pocket in metering drum eliminates hard-to-clean angles and narrow spaces
  • Sanitary continuous welded seams instead of folded or lap-weld seams, which can accommodate bacteria
  • Quick-release metering drum saves time and sanitation costs

Complete System

  • Vari-Feeder can be designed to fit existing production facilities
  • Easy, inexpensive installation
  • Complete systems available to upgrade or install entire line
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