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Veg-Mix™ System

For product mixing challenges, Key’s Veg-Mix™ System comes complete with dumping, declustering, metering, mixing, conveying, and controls. The system design minimizes contact points with the floor, which makes it easy to clean and install. Iso-Flo® Collection Vibratory Conveyors are integrated into the system, minimizing the need for conveyor supports. Master overrides allow for line flow adjustment while automatically maintaining your preset mix ratios. The fully integrated Veg-Mix™ is designed for versatility, and ensures proper mixing of your product.


The Veg-Mix™ System is Designed for Versatility, and Ensures Proper Mixing of Your Product The Veg-Mix™ Systems Independent “)n-the-Fly” Adjustment of the Cluster Breaker and Vari-Feeder Allow Quick, Reliable Change of Product Mix and Metering The Full-length Back Plates and Open Backs on the The Veg-Mix™ Systems Dump Trays Help Prevent Pallet Wood and Trash From Entering Product Stream

Features and Benefits

Simple Design

  • Hopper design moves product better and minimizes “sticking”
  • Smaller lower hopper reduces potential buildup of warm/thawed product
  • Full-length back plates and open backs on dump trays help prevent pallet wood and trash from entering product stream
  • Pipe grid infeed hopper keeps large clumps from jamming the Cluster Breaker, and Vari-Feeder adjust quickly and easily for changeover from small to large product with less downtime
  • Hopper framework eliminates outside horizontal surfaces where trash can accumulate and contaminate product

Accurate Mixing

  • Master override adjusts total line flow while maintaining preset mix ratios
  • Delay timing allows precise mix ratios during start-up and shutdown
  • Independent “on-the-fly” adjustment of the Cluster Breaker and Vari-Feeder allow quick, reliable change of product mix and metering
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