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G6 Vision Platform

Key’s G6 Platform is a modular electro-optical foundation that features a powerful new controller, an advanced vision engine, and an array of high-performance cameras that achieve the most sophisticated image processing in the industry.

The G6 Image Processing Module incorporates Key’s proprietary FPGA (field-programmable gate arrays) chipset technology, which puts the power of an entire electronic rack in a single chip.  With state of the art resolution and the power to perform complex morphological operations, G6 enables more subtle feature identification and more robust detection of defects and foreign material.

G6 Camera for Optical and Laser Sorters G6 Control Module G6 Electronics Rack for Optical and Laser Sorters

The G6 Platform features broadband connectivity standards including Camera Link, FireWire, and Ethernet, which maximize the underlying technology’s flexibility.  Additionally, the G6 Platform enables communication of system status and sorting statistics to plant networks.

Key makes the G6 Platform available on new optical and laser sorters and as an upgrade on a wide assortment of legacy optical sorting systems.  The modular G6 Platform virtually eliminates the risk of obsolescence by assuring forward compatibility to keep systems performing at peak as technology advances.  By easing future upgrades, Key extends the life of its sorters and maximizes our customers’ long-term return on investment.

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