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With object-based recognition, Key’s SmartCutting capability offers more control in defining when to cut or not cut any given defect from a potato strip using Key’s ADR® Automatic Defect Removal systems for potato strips.  By putting more power in the processor’s hands, SmartCutting allows ADR® to more accurately match product quality to product specifications.

Compared to traditional automatic defect removal systems for potato strips that throw two knives to cut defects from the strips whenever a defective product is identified, SmartCutting considers the object for a more intelligent operation.

ADR® Cutterwheel G6 Controller ADR®

ADR® with SmartCutting can be set up to ignore internal minor defects if cutting would create shorts.  And the system can be set up to cut long strips in half to reduce the downstream breakage of over-length strips. 

SmartCutting optimizes product quality to increase yields and profits

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