Integral De-Stoner

A water weir separation system for the effective removal of stones. The integral destoner unit is linked to a washer tank and has minimal water usage. It is available with either 900mm or 1800mm infeed chutes as standard.

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Key Differentiators

  • High capacity and robust solids handling pump
  • Durable rubber chevron elevator belt to handle stones
  • Shared water supply from washer reducing overall water usage
  • Simple valve adjustment to fine tune stone removal
  • Mild steel or stainless steel construction available
  • Quick releasing door for cleaning and access to tail of elevator
  • Infeed chute available in 900mm or 1800mm wide
  • Gate valve discharge for waste water
  • Forklift tubes for ease of assembly and disassembly
  • Open impellor pump which does not require filters