Potato Strips

From sizing raw product to meticulous inspection, defect removal, and packaging distribution, processors rely on Key Technology’s specialized experience in the potato industry.  Our industry leading potato strip and french fry technologies include the world’s first hyperspectral imaging solution for potato strips, designed to detect and remove sugar ends, and our powerful Sort-To-Grade® software to give you unrivaled quality and yield control.

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Potato Strips on VERYX B175
Potato Strips on ADR® - Video Two
Potato Strip Preparation on ADR®
Potato Strip Sizing With a Sliver Sizer Remover - Video Two
Potato Strips on a Rotary Size Grader
Potato Strips on ADR® - Video One
Sorting Excellence for Potato Products
Frozen Potato Strips 3-way Sorting on Manta® 2000 Laser / Camera Sorter