VERYX 2.0 Optical Sorting Platform

VERYX® 2.0 transforms digital sorting with a modular platform of chute-fed and belt-fed sorters to meet your unique and specific needs. With its innovative mechanical architecture and sensor technology, state-of-the-art electronic sort engine, advanced machine algorithms and rich information capabilities, VERYX 2.0 delivers a revolution in performance that defines the new standard for digital sorting.

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Key Differentiators

  • Most Accurate Detection of all Defects and FM
  • Sustained Total Product Surface Inspection
  • Reduced Operator Intervention
  • Advanced Machine Intelligence
  • Smart Self-Adjusting System Features
  • Maintains Performance at High Defect Loads
  • Predictive System Diagnostics
  • Multi-Sensor Pixel Fusion™
  • BioPrint


VERYX Digital Sorting Platform
Sorting Almonds on VERYX C140
Sorting Almonds on VERYX C140
Sorting Walnuts on VERYX C140
Sorting Walnuts on VERYX C140
Sorting Frozen Blueberries on VERYX C140
Sorting Frozen Cranberries on VERYX C140
Sorting Brussel Sprouts on VERYX B175
Sorting Green Beans on VERYX B175
Sorting Potato Strips on VERYX B175