Optyx Digital Camera/Laser Sorter

The Optyx is a light to medium capacity belt sorter that precisely sorts and manages separation of the product stream into two or three sort ways.  Configurable with a range of sensor options for single or double-sided viewing of the product stream on low to medium-capacity applications, Optyx sorters are available in a flexible range of product configurations. Every Optyx is tailored to each customer’s application needs, helping food processors achieve quality objectives at maximum yield.

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Key Differentiators

  • Improved Yields and Quality Provides Rapid ROI
  • Operator Friendly Interface
  • Most Advanced Algorithms for Intelligent Sorting
  • Multiple Sensor Technologies
  • Remote Monitoring & Operation
  • Intelligent Ejection
  • Information Analytics for Improved Process Control
  • KeyWare – Custom Software for Your Application


Almonds Processing on Optyx 3000
Fresh Blueberries Processing on Optyx 6000
Fresh Cherries Processing on Optyx 6000
Corn Processing on Optyx 6000
Grading Dates on Optyx 6000
Fresh Cut Greens Processing on Optyx 6000
Sorting Rainbow Rotini on Optyx 3000
Peas Processing on Optyx 6000
Pepperoni Sticks Processing on Optyx 6000
Potato Chips Processing on Optyx 6000
Prunes Processing on Optyx 6000
Raisins Processing on Optyx 3000
Fresh Cut Greens Processing on Optyx 3000 Vis/IR Optical Sorter
Three-Way Sorting Walnuts on Optyx 6000