Designed for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacturers, PulseScrubber® polishes capsules by removing excess oil used in the encapsulation process, to improve product presentation. The system conveys capsules via Impulse® electromagnetic conveying technology while absorption media above and below gently polish the product surface via vibratory motion. PulseScrubber operates unattended and conveniently replaces traditional batch polishing systems that require manual loading and unloading. PulseScrubber provides: – Continuous polishing – Increased productivity – Controlled process – No human interaction – No IPA needed

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Key Differentiators

  • Continuous Processing
  • Automated to Receive, Polish and Discharge
  • Complies with GAMP 4 Guidelines
  • Non-Solvent Based Auto-Feed Media System


PulseScrubber Continuous Polishing
PulseScrubber w/ImpulseP Size Grader
Complete and Continuous Symetix Softgel Finishing Line