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Herwig Dejonghe, Owner - Antarctic Foods“Antarctic Foods is a niche player in the market, focusing on delivering top quality products to its customers. To guarantee such high quality standard, it was a must for me to also use the most advanced sorting technology currently available in the market. You can clearly see that the VERYX sort platform was not just designed in some R&D lab, but that the complete architecture is based on input directly from within the industry. VERYX with Pixel Fusion™ and sustained 360° viewing are unique technology and architectural features that no other sorter can offer. The UI is very well designed and easy to use with recipe-driven changeover between products within minutes."

“We can’t wait for VERYX to go in operation in our plant this summer and to be able to offer our customers all the VERYX quality-related advantages that will clearly distinguish us as the top-notch niche player in the European vegetable market”.

Herwig Dejonghe, Owner
Antarctic Foods, France

Emblème Canneberge

Embleme - Cranberries“We selected Key Technology because they have the most experience in our industry and the best reputation. All of our customers have very high standards in the specifications of the berries they want, and Key helps us achieve those high standards,” said Vincent Godin, President of Emblème. “Our cleaning line removes foreign material as well as rotten cranberries, which would impair the quality of the good fruit in the freezer if not removed. This line is also very efficient at removing water to produce free-flowing product that’s easy to separate after freezing for further processing.”

Vincent Godin, President
Emblème Canneberge, Canada

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Farm Frites

Farm Frites - Sorting Potato Strips“What makes Key Technology a trusted partner for Farm Frites Poland is both the reliability of their equipment and their professional service.”

Adam Klasa, COO & Member of the Management Board
Farm Frites, Poland

Poindexter Nut Company

Poindexter Nut - Walnut Sorting“The vibratory shakers from Key work well here and are extremely reliable. Unlike belt conveyors, they don’t get gummed up with meal. The stainless steel, flat-beds are very clean. This superior sanitation is a major benefit that contributes to food safety.

We want to have the best equipment, and we’ll go to multiple suppliers to get it. It’s the performance that matters most. It’s great that Cayman BioPrint and Optyx and these vibratory conveyors are all under one roof at Key. We receive great service from them.”

Mike Poindexter, CEO
Poindexter Nut Company, California USA

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True Blue Farms

True Blue - Blueberry Sorting“We have long standing relationship with Key and felt confident with our relationship and knew they would stand behind the product. Other suppliers were considered, but the new Taurys’ performance and our confidence in Key made the difference.”

John Mather, Maintenance Manager
True Blue Farms, Michigan USA

“With the Key Technology Taurys, we were able to replace two sorters running back to back and improve the quality of our products. Speed, accuracy and customer service, Key had all three but most importantly, we could trust they would take care of us not as a customer, but as a partner.

Shelley Hartman, Co-owner
True Blue Farms, Michigan USA