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Customer Stories

A few words from our customers.

The Eisberg Group

T.H. Clements“The Eisberg Group is one of the leaders in Europe and number one in Switzerland and Eastern Europe in the production of fresh convenience salads, vegetables and fruits. Flawless product quality to satisfy our customers is a matter of course for us. All our facilities use state-of-the-art technology. For our salad sorting, we have chosen VERYX as it helps us to maintain our high product quality.”

Stefan Brägger, CTO
Eisberg Group

TH Clements & Son

T.H. Clements“VERYX has proven to be a perfect fit for sorting round-shaped objects like Brussels sprouts. We can now meticulously sort out yellow, black and brown spots, blown sprouts that are out of shape, and even visible white core at more than 12 tonnes/hour.”

“The VERYX architecture is unique in the market and allows for all-sided viewing of each Brussels sprout while keeping the camera windows perfectly clean so they don’t deteriorate the sort performance over time.”

“By choosing VERYX we now have equipped our factory with the most advanced sort technology available in the market. It will allow us to continue delivering top-quality Brussels sprouts to our customers!”

Graham Neal, Packhouse Manager
TH Clements & Son Ltd., United Kingdom


Mr. Nicola Pizzoli “VERYX unique architecture allows us total product inspection, sustained throughout production. We now see the product from all sides and cameras are positioned in such a way that they no longer get dirty during production. VERYX continuously inspects our potato strips effectively from all sides throughout the entire production cycle. Clean cameras mean avoiding costly production interruptions and no defect will stay invisible to us. Both important factors in achieving higher processing yield”.

“Producing highly specialized products such as strips, dices, wedges, slices and pommes parisiennes, we need to cope with a broad array of product specifications for our customers. As VERYX can be equipped with Sort-to-Grade that was another big plus. It will allow us to very precisely sort our potato products to whatever grades our customers want”.

“Besides VERYX, we have also chosen for Key to build and design our new distribution system in the packaging line. Their broad knowledge of potato processing and their unique integrated range of solutions makes them a solid partner throughout our entire factory”.

“We believe that choosing for Key Technology will enable us to further grow our business in a sustainable way and to continue delivering top-quality products perfectly processed to our customers’ specifications”.

Nicola Pizzoli, Vice President and CEO
Pizzoli S.p.A., Italy

Quebec Wild Blueberries

Pascal Hudon“Compared to our previous sorter, VERYX has increased our defect removal rate by about 3000 percent. It’s simply incredible.”

“Our clients’ quality requirements evolve as their customers get more and more demanding. We stay ahead by leveraging the most advanced technology. Thanks to VERYX, we’re packaging the highest quality blueberries on the market.”

Pascal Hudon, Director of Operations
Quebec Wild Blueberries, Canada

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Emblème Canneberge

Embleme - Cranberries“We wanted to work with Key because they have world-class equipment and support it with great service. We chose VERYX because it’s Key’s most advanced sorter. All of our customers have very high standards in the specifications of the cranberries they want. Key helps us achieve those high standards.”

Vincent Godin, President
Emblème Canneberge, Canada

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Herwig Dejonghe, Owner - Antarctic Foods“Antarctic Foods is a niche player in the market, focusing on delivering top quality products to its customers. To guarantee such high quality standard, it was a must for me to also use the most advanced sorting technology currently available in the market. You can clearly see that the VERYX sort platform was not just designed in some R&D lab, but that the complete architecture is based on input directly from within the industry. VERYX with Pixel Fusion™ and sustained 360° viewing are unique technology and architectural features that no other sorter can offer. The UI is very well designed and easy to use with recipe-driven changeover between products within minutes."

“We can’t wait for VERYX to go in operation in our plant this summer and to be able to offer our customers all the VERYX quality-related advantages that will clearly distinguish us as the top-notch niche player in the European vegetable market”.

Herwig Dejonghe, Owner
Antarctic Foods, France

Poindexter Nut Company

Poindexter Nut - Walnut Sorting“The vibratory shakers from Key work well here and are extremely reliable. Unlike belt conveyors, they don’t get gummed up with meal. The stainless steel, flat-beds are very clean. This superior sanitation is a major benefit that contributes to food safety.

We want to have the best equipment, and we’ll go to multiple suppliers to get it. It’s the performance that matters most. It’s great that Cayman BioPrint and Optyx and these vibratory conveyors are all under one roof at Key. We receive great service from them.”

Mike Poindexter, CEO
Poindexter Nut Company, California USA

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